Thursday, November 29, 2007

Excuse me

... I think I'm going to be ill
"New Democratic MP Brian Masse who has done masterful work on the border file"
Well, I'll at least give Gord credit for delivering the best and deepest laugh that I've had in years. Loudest, most shrill, most useless press releases - but masterful? LMAO!
"Ward 1 Coun. Dave Brister, who played a pivotal role in the community fight against DRTP, is appalled by the timing of Marra's motion and the naivete of anyone who could be so easily convinced DRTP has capitulated."
Hmm..., yet another attack on someone who doesn't tow the line. How about the naivete of anyone who actually reads Gord Henderson's columns and believes them anymore? Why do we even need to buy the Windsor Star. If someone could just convince the Mayor to actually put out a Press Release we could dispense with waiting another day or two to read about it in Gord's column.

It would be especially helpful if Gord would disclose with every DRTP related article he writes that he lives and owns property along the proposed corridor, whatever it's intended use.

It was pretty obvious to regular Council watchers where this motion was going when Councillor Marra first attempted to move it. It certainly didn't escape the sarcastic comment of the Mayor.
My only hope is the end result of this will be one more Councillor who grows or discovers a backbone. Lord knows it's a piece of the anatomy that has been sorely missing from most elected officials of late.

Don't worry, be happy. We're going to spend $800,000 on branding Windsor this year. After that, everything will be alright.

BTW, I'll vote for this proposal around the same time that CAW 444 begins televising all it's internal discussions and debates. Grandstanding and pandering would be generous descriptions. Yet another example of how Councillor Lewenza wouldn't know what transparency truly is unless it smacked him upside the head. On the other hand, as Chair of the WUC, he could release all of the minutes being requested by Star reporter Don McArthur an d restore our faith.

Transparency isn't a trump card to be pulled out when you think it might be most useful, it should be an ingrained practice of everyday municipal business.

I know, I know, Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.