Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Around Town Tuesday - Nov 6th

1. Film Fest Opening - Tuesday, November 6, 7:00 PM, ART GALLERY OF WINDSOR
$10 per screening. Tonight's event hosted by Joe McParland

2. Urban Renaissance Through Campus Location: A DWBIA forum exploring the potential impact of a downtown university campus. Although today's Windsor Star would seem to put a damper on this event, it's only through community involvement that the Downtown will continue to grown and develop.

3. Certainly qualifies for a nomination in the "dumbest criminal" category.

4. Last day of voting for your favourite Windsor Star Blogger. (poll in the right hand sidebar)

5. Thanks to all my Facebook friends who added the City of Windsor News Facebook App. I originally created it to see what could be done with Widgetbox's Facebook app creator. Since there is some interest I think I'll actually develop it as a city wide news app, pulling from various sources. (The City of Windsor News releases are just not frequent enough to justify an app on their own)

6. For all those not attending the DWBIA forum or the Film Fest opening you can check out the Windsor Pubic Library Speaker series featuring Shawn Micallef.

7. Film Festivals, Book Festivals, Forums, Speaker Series - arts and culture are alive and well in Windsor, including the Capitol Theatre's new board. Fighting on.

8.The TIMES Magazine special holiday issue (#58) arrives November 24th, 2007!

9. Check out the Fans of Windsor History on Facebook.