Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who reigns supreme?

All work and no play makes Jack Paul a very dull boy.

The Windsor Star has been experimenting for a year now with bloggers. Several have fallen by the wayside, while others have been added.

I haven't done a Shadow Poll in a while, so I thought it might be fun to do a little survey on what people think of the Star blogs.

I've listed the bloggers below in the order they appear on the Star's blog page. Take some time to visit the blogs, if you haven't already, and then vote for your favourite (Poll is located in the right sidebar). After the first round I'll have a runoff for the top two bloggers to select the Blogger's Favourite.

You can post any thoughts, likes or dislikes about the various blogs in the comments.

Cars, the automotive industry, trees, gardening -- and a little politics, just for levity. Vander Doelen covers the auto industry in Windsor and Detroit full time. On his own time he dotes over a small woodlot near Harrow with his wife, who is also a journalist.

Reel Life
Roberta Pennington has been a general assignment reporter with The Windsor Star since 2005, covering everything from youth culture to municipal politics. When she's not "hard at work" doing the coolest job ever, she watches a lot of quirky films, attends various theatrical performances and, well, that's pretty much all she does. Then she sometimes writes about it here.

Off the Hill
Sharon Hill can write entire emails in Scooby-Doo speak (Rhy rot?); loves Dilbert and The Office and wants to share her quest to find the quirky, the off-beat and the fun in the midst of daily life. She began writing for The Windsor Star in high school and has dedicated her career to covering Essex County and agriculture.

Pearson to Person
Montreal native Craig Pearson has worked at three daily newspapers over 20 years, has handled many beats from news and sports to entertainment and pop culture, holds a bachelor's degree in journalism, a master's degree in communication studies, teaches writing and reporting at the University of Windsor, and still cannot explain the meaning of life. But he'll give it a try anyway.

Ted Whipp is the galloping gourmet of The Windsor Star. Discerning palates look to his restaurant reviews and coverage of the food and beverage industry each Wednesday in the Life section.

Duffer's Dabbles
Bob Duff is the Windsor Star's sports columnist and one of the country's foremost hockey historians. He has written or collaborated on six hockey books or CD-Roms, including History of Hockeytown, the first official history of the Detroit Red Wings. A goalie by trade, Duff is also a consultant for the NHL's official statistician the Elias Sports Bureau.

Life on Tour
I don't know whether my passion for golf is an addiction or an affliction but the game has certainly got me by the balls. I guess you could say I've found religion. I read about golf, think about golf, dream about golf and I'm going to blog about it this summer while I test my skills against other obsessive weekend duffers on Windsor's Bogey Tour.

Running Chatter
Monica Wolfson has been a reporter for a decade, mostly covering politics and education. She has been running on and off for 12 years and completed her first marathon in February.