Monday, October 22, 2007

Quick Hits - Monday October 22nd

1. I guess the appointment of the WUC auditor and Terms of Reference just isn't news in Windsor. I'm sure that makes most of Council and the WUC pretty happy.
Edit: H/T to CBC Radio's Gino Conte - first mention I've heard of the audit in the local media.

2. 311 - moving on and moving up, up, up. Why am I getting the feeling that this year's budget is going to include more people for 311/211 due to "unexpected call volumes". Read the Council report. I especially loved the justification for individual offices for 311 supervisors. Try working a shop floor with a 6' x 8' office shared by 3 supervisors overseeing 40 to 60 employees each. Are all the moving and installation costs going to be shared WRT 211 and the County/United Way?

3. I'm hoping for some last minute delegations for Item 9 on the agenda. I'm somewhat surprised and sad at the same time. Such an important issue regarding future effective governance in Windsor and so little interest.

4. Yet another reason why Frank Stronach is a VERY rich man.
"Why would Magna accept even the kind of quiescent "company union" that's fairly common in Asia and Europe, and understandably regarded with contempt by "real" unions in North America? Because with quasi-union status, Magna enhances its prospects... "