Friday, October 05, 2007

The "Not in Windsor" News

Have your say on City services

OSHAWA -- City of Oshawa residents will soon have the opportunity to provide feedback on their municipal services.

Over the next three years, the City's auditor general will be reviewing a number of City services to determine the best way to deliver them and identify opportunities for improvement.

"Other municipalities have implemented similar reviews to help identify the priorities of residents, optimize service delivery and better plan for the future needs of their communities," said Auditor General Ron Foster.

Oshawa residents will be randomly selected to complete anonymous surveys that will address the quality and level of City services. The auditor general will oversee 18 reviews, starting this fall with the waste collection program.

Mayor talks to Ward 3 residents

PICKERING -- Seaton, traffic and the future of Pickering's downtown were some topics residents fired at the mayor on Monday night.

A smaller crowd than the other two meetings generated - around 30 - attended the Ward 3 Town Hall meeting, but still had questions for Mayor Dave Ryan.

Louise Sabino complimented the City for its speedy response to a concern she had reported, but also asked about gaps in sidewalks along Kingston Road.

"You see people using GO Transit, using the system, on the main thoroughfare, and having to walk on gravel," she said.

Mayor Ryan said sidewalk development typically occurs alongside development in that same area.

Solving the brown water problem in Espanola
Water and sewer rates will almost double

By Nadine Schofield
Local News - Monday, September 24, 2007 Updated @ 10:45:27 AM

Water and sewer rates are expected to almost double over the next five years in Espanola. Users are now paying $75 per month for water, storm and sewer facilities and services, but that is expected to almost double to $141 by 2012. The increase is due to a proposed multi-million dollar retrofit project the town will be publicizing in October.

The Town of Espanola will be hosting public meetings next month on a proposed $50-million dollar retrofit of water, storm and sewer lines within the municipality.

“The community is inviting ratepayers to attend two public sessions to discuss how the town should proceed with plans to replace some of the 27 kilometers of pipes,” said Joel Yusko, Espanola’s Public Work Manager.

The town’s Community Services Committee met on Tuesday, September 18 followed by a meeting of the Community Economic Development Committee (CEDAC) on Thursday, September 20 to discuss the issue.

Council looking at lighting switch

Municipal Council Briefs

Booster staff
Wednesday September 26, 2007
Jasper municipal council is currently looking at changing the way residents and visitors will see the town at night.
Whether to support dark sky friendly lighting or not is a topic council discussed at its regularly-scheduled meeting last week.
Two new options for street lights address two forms of what some consider polution.
One is sky glow, the bright orange glow around cities that makes it difficult to see stars, and trespass light, the light that seeps onto residents’ properties.
If the lights are installed, it will cost $500 for each one, as council will have to pay the difference between Atco’s standard decorative light and the dark sky friendly light.

If all the lights in town were changed to this style, it would cost $260,000.
Lights are only replaced as needed.

Intermunicipal User Cost-Sharing: Municipally Excellent Practice
RYLEY -- Usage statistics and other data were used to develop an inter-municipal cost sharing agreement among Beaver County and area municipalities. Another excellent practice recently posted on MEnet, Alberta's municipal excellence network. (