Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Don't belive me?

When it comes to whether or not Windsor needs an Auditor General how about the opinion of Windsor's current Auditor:

City auditor Mike Dunbar, who reports to council and senior administrators, is among those who agree the city needs an auditor general, citing the previous MFP scandal and the current concerns around WUC's finances.

"We always believe there should be an independent set of eyes," said Dunbar.

"If there was an auditor general here, they would be empowered to conduct an inquiry, something we can't do. It has certain powers that are advantageous."

Use of an auditor general role is prominent in municipalities across Quebec, but has been slow to catch on in Ontario, Dunbar said. But he sees that changing thanks to the Municipal Act being reworked.

In Toronto, the city's auditor general is empowered to conduct audits in the areas of compliance, finances, value-for-money and the environment, and can undertake investigations around suspected fraudulent activities.

Kudos to Mike Dunbar for speaking out on this issue when he did. Does anyone else find it strange that Mr. Dunbar wasn't consulted for input on this report? On the Auditor issue you would think he would have highly relevant knowledge and experience to impart to Council.

Councillor Bill Marra is on record:

"An independent review of municipal affairs will go a long way to giving the public confidence," said Coun. Bill Marra, who earlier this year requested a report from administration on the issue.

"The federal and provincial governments are subject to it, so it makes no sense that it doesn't exist at the municipal level in Windsor."

This is one issue that needs to be discussed and debated in public before Council make their decision at next Monday's meeting. If we wait until after the fact it will be too late.

Where does your Councillor stand? Take the time now to email or call them and find out. Let them know your opinion.