Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Around Town Tuesday - Oct 16th

1. Another Windsor Star blogger bites the dust. Gonzo Chronicles seems to have disappeared from the Star's blog list. On a good note, many of the Star's other bloggers seem to be hitting their stride. It takes time to develop both a style and a readership when blogging.

2. A topic to think about for future discussion - Ward boundary changes. Now that we have a new census in hand, this subject, along with a few others, is long overdue for some serious debate. I know, that's a rare thing in Windsor, but if we start now, we've still got three years left.

3. How's that WUC audit going? Aren't we all glad Council voted for the "faster" Municipal Audit instead of the Auditor General? Speaking of Auditor Generals - make sure you read next weeks Council Agenda. Acceptance of administration's report on Accountability, Transparency & Good Government will have long term ramifications for how our City is governed.

4. My friend says one shameless plug isn't enough - someone might have missed it. Theatre Windsor's "Hide and Seek" - October 18, 19, 20, 21 and 25, 26, 27, 28, 2007

5. Chris Holt's ... Scale Down, Windsor is fast becoming a must read in Windsor. While you may not agree with Chris and the other blogger's opinions on various issues, the blog exposes readers to new ideas or ways of looking at issues facing cities today. Stop in and join the discussion.

6. Screamer Radio - great little streaming radio program. Small, fast and easy to use. One click recording and great quality. Most of the local radio stations can be loaded up for easy listening. If anyone's interested I can send you my local favourites file to get you up and running.

7. Speech from the Throne for all the political junkies tonight. Must see TV at 7:00 pm.

8. Today's City of Windsor Greenlink Open House - Ward 4 Open House, Tuesday October 16, Gino A. Marcus Community Complex, 1168 Drouillard - 5 to 9pm

Tomorrow is Open Thread day. If you have a cause, event or website you're looking to plug, let me know.