Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sign of the future?


This month's issue of BIZ X magazine has an item in the "Heard on the Street" column about Roseland Golf Course.

Seems like the latest hospitality operator Lewisfoods Inc. is bailing on it's contract after less than two years. Michigan Tavern and Aramark Foods were the two previous operators.

The article also reveals Roseland's annual contribution of $300,000 to the City is dropping to $150,000 due to flat revenues and the need for upgrades.

I hear thing are booming over at the Ambassador Golf Club. Wonder why?

If we can't run a water utility, why do we pretend to be able to run a golf course? That reminds me - anyone hear how all that ROOTs brand Windsor gear is selling? How about how many Grand Prix tickets we sold at City Ticketmasters Customer Care Centres? If we're lucky a whole bunch of boats stopped in at the City Marina this weekend and spent some money. We might be able to break even on that one.

I've got a friend with Mini-Putt course in Sault St. Marie that wants to retire. I told him to send a proposal to the City of Windsor, they'll buy almost anything. (if you hear about a new Mini-Putt opening in Windsor in the next year, remember, you heard it here first!)