Monday, September 03, 2007

Quick Hits - Monday August 3rd

I say all of the above.

Did everyone enjoy their $80,000 USD worth of Grand Prix partying this weekend? I know I was disappointed not to be invited for the lamb chops and oyster shooters. Sounds like typical City Hall fare.

I've heard that all the former 211 workers have now been let go and City 211 training starts next week. Are we going to see an operating agreement any time soon or, like most other things, is it destined for the in-camera agenda? With only 3 part time people to staff this line, how long before postions are added and costs rise? My guess - next budget will see a "demonstrated need based on call volume" to add 4 full time positions to the "combined" call centre.

Enjoy the last of the long weekend. Back to the grind tomorow.