Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Around Town Tuesday - Sep 25th

1. The Battle of the Festivals on Facebook. Books are kicking the hell out of Film.

BookFest Windsor 2007 - Friday, November 2 at 7:30pm - 82 members

Windsor International Film Festival - Wednesday November 7th - 20 members.

2. Don McArthur's on a tear this week. Keep it up!

3. A loss to the Art World, especially to an artistically challenged person such as myself. Growing up in Guelph, I always liked Ken's work. He will be sorely missed. He often donated his work to causes/special occasions in the area.

4. Hmmm..... $200,000 in union dues to pay to name a rink after a living person. Makes it easy to remember why I don't care for unions right after governments. Yet another organization that you're forced to give your money to with little or no realistic say in how it's spent. It may not be a popular opinion - but it's mine.

5. Beautiful night shot at Blog Windsor. One of these days I have to learn how to do more with my camera than point and shoot.

6. Nik Nanos and SES Research deliver the latest poll numbers on Canada's great multicultural experiment. It's a lot more surprising that many would guess. News Release and complete data set available. Pretty even male/female split. Difference comes in the over/under 35 category. Income figures show the middle class solidly against.