Sunday, September 02, 2007

2007 Ward Fund Lottery Numbers Announced

This years Prize pool an estimated $380,000.00*

If you haven't heard of the Ward Fund Lottery, you can catch up here.

Hurry up if you haven't already obtained your tickets - $40,000 in prizes have already been awarded!

Ward 1 Tickets

Ward 2 Tickets

Ward 3 Tickets

Ward 4 Tickets

Ward 5 Tickets

* Actual prize pool could be drastically lower due to the necessity to carry over significant enough funds for the 2010 Election Year.

I am curious about one thing though. The previous report submitted on the public agenda listed a year end surplus of $92,359.00 but this variance report now says that the carryover from last year is actually $245,000.00 - a difference of $152,641.00 . Some unknown Ward is sitting on a substantial nest egg.

(From the 2nd Quarter Variance Report)