Thursday, August 23, 2007

That communication thing

As each day goes by, it gets easier and easier to understand why the City wants to spend $250,000.00 on a communication department. Hopefully some of that money will eventually be spent teaching the Mayor and his staff how to write a press release or hold a press conference.
Province OKs WUC audit
Mayor delays making audit approval announcement

"I understand the minister did call the mayor later Friday and told him," she said. "He was taking care of business late Friday afternoon and responded to the resolution of the mayor."

Council at its last meeting agreed to a resolution calling for an audit by the municipal affairs ministry to help resolve controversy surrounding WUC's financial and business dealings over the last several years.

As to why no information was released regarding the audit announcement, Munce said it was not the minister's responsibility to inform Windsor's residents -- many irate over a 86 per cent rate hike in their water and sewer surcharge bill. She pointed the responsibility to Mayor Eddie Francis.

Francis refused to answer Wednesday why he kept the audit's approval under wraps for days
I guess we should all be thanking our lucky stars the Mayor decided to let us in on the secret Wednesday.