Sunday, August 26, 2007

Quick Hits - Monday August 27th

Windsor's own tax fighter Al Nelman is back - Free - Go get 'em Al!
(H/T Schnurr's Sound Off)

Councillor Lewenza sounds like he's mixing up his union and City politics in this article. "Extraordinary and unnecessary" he claims. "Lewenza said Halberstadt has been adding fuel to the fire in order to create confusion". Actually Ken, nobody needs to add fuel to anything, you and Eddie did a fine enough job sowing confusion in the first couple weeks, and continue to do so. "He would consider adding to the scope of the ministry's audit if Halberstadt had specific questions". That's almost funny enough for Ken to sign up for the region's next comedy tour. Bully on - it's working so well so far.

Happy belated Blog Day to The Shadow. I didn't realize till this week, it's been a little over a year now since I stared this blog, initially to cover the upcoming 2006 election. Thanks to some suggestions and encouragement from people, the blog has evolved quite a bit in the last year. Looking forward to another year. Bigger and better things to come in the months ahead.

Every hear of digging yourself in deeper and deeper? By the time this is over with, the 'Terrible Twosome' could probably dig the DRIC tunnel themselves. Keep firing boys, I suspect there's more to come if you do. I wonder why WUC got $7.2 million in bridge financing last year instead of raising rates? Could it have anything to do with the election? Of course not, they were just waiting for the report.

City Council meeting tonight at 6pm - Cogeco 11 if you can't be there in person.

Discover Windsor - circa 1999.

WUC discovers Public Information and the internet
. I'm thinking of barn doors for some reason.
Earthtech Watson and Associates Interim Draft Report (.pdf file - 6.8 mb) 107 pages for your reading pleasure. The Appendix is only 299 pages, if you've got the heart for it.

More to follow on the 'Watson Report'...