Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Flush to Vote!

I was inspired by the Mayor last night. No not that Mayor - Windsor's other Mayor - The Mayor of Monmouth. While catching up on some local blogs last night I came across M.O.M.'s unique idea on how to vote your displeasure on the 60% Windsor Utilities rate hike effective today.

Flush to Vote!

Are you unhappy with the 60% Windsor Utilities Commission (W.U.C) rate hike and how City Council has handled it?

Between noon and 1pm Tuesday, wherever you are in Windsor, whatever you’re doing - find a toilet and flush 3 times.

Send the W.U.C and City Council your message in a unique way!

P.S. Content optional. Protest open to residents of Windsor and people visiting/working in Windsor on Tuesday August 7th, 2007



FaceBook members can RSVP for this event and invite their Friends.

Email your friends, family and co-workers.

In related news, it seems like the information given out is changing yet again. Up till now we've been told that the approximately $3.5 million in lost water charges was probably not going to be collected. Also, the Mayor had said nobody had contacted W.U.C to try to have themselves connected to the billing system.

It took months and three calls for customer to rectify

Months went by and no bill arrived. Finally, in June 2006, after three phone calls to the Windsor Utilities Commission, and 11 months after the Prieurs moved into their home, Prieur got WUC to rectify the error.

... On Friday it appeared the utility lost millions in unpaid bills. Francis and acting general manager Max Zalev said the utility couldn't recoup the lost money.

But now it seems the utility is collecting the unpaid revenue and hasn't lost any money.

"The residents have been paying back the bills," said Patricia Devin-Doan, director of customer service.

"We would calculate the amount billed (without interest) based on the meter reading and give them an appropriate amount of time (to pay it back)."

Those 1000 homes mentioned:
It appears the utility has still not identified all the homes that weren't paying -- it's still conducting an audit to find them, according to a spokeswoman.

"This is an ongoing audit process," said Sylvia deVries.

"We did an audit subdivision by subdivision. The audit is still ongoing as we speak. It may not have been a thousand. It could be higher."

Has there been a day yet when some facts or information hasn't changed?

Obviously WUC and the Mayor were not prepared to deal with this situation and have been scrambling every day. Were they waiting for the end of August or beginning of September, when people begin receiving there first bills under the new rates, before they were going to explain this to the public?

Update: AM800 Lynn Martin show - Wednesday August 1st
Listen to more information from the Windsor Utilities Commission on why water and sewer rates will increase. Lynn will welcome General Manager Max Zalev as well as Ken Lewenza Jr., Chair, and Mayor Eddie Francis to answer your questions & take your calls.