Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Branding Windsor

Dave Gordon on Hezbollah's ad campaign in Windsor, Ont.

Where was Windsor mayor Eddie Francis? One would think his office, in an attempt to avert the negative publicity, would have had an official statement of condemnation at the ready.

If something like that happened in Toronto, you could bet David Miller would have been apoplectic.

Instead, Alan Halberstadt, city councillor for Ward 3 in Windsor, where the billboard went up, was on the fence whether the sign was appropriate, the Windsor Star reports.

“Perhaps it is a good thing it is down, because it caused such a discord in Windsor,” said Halberstadt to the Star. “We don’t need that kind of discord.”

Mr. Halberstadt might have said instead that support for a terrorists group in any form was unwelcome in his riding, his city, and Canada. If the Jewish and Christian groups hadn’t complained, would he have cared at all?

This small incident may serve as a sign of things to come. How soon before we see Iran placing ads in Western newspapers, the Saudi Princes buying TV commercials during the SuperBowl, or Syria’s Bashar Assad paying for radio ads?