Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Around Town Tuesday

1. Improving Windsor in many ways, one shovelful at a time

2. Windsor International Film Festival on Facebook - I know there are more than 8 people in Windsor on Facebook.

3. I just heard about the proposed ban on cats and dogs from pet stores. I'm assuming it will work as well as the ban on selling drugs, stolen goods, brand label fakes, reserve cigarettes, ...
I'm sure puppy mills from across the Province are just waiting for this to be approved.

4. Does Councillor Halberstadt get a seconder for his Audit motion next Monday? Stay tuned.

In case any of our Councillors don't frequent AM800's Polls Page, I thought this one was worth republishing for their benefit. I can't remember ever seeing an AM800 poll with such unanimity.

Something to think about as they head into next Monday's Council meeting.

5. Rally for the Capitol Theatre - Thursday August 23rd - 6:30 pm. Let your voice be heard. Don't forget to sign the online petition.

6. Speaking of petitions - Help demand the creation of Windsor's own independent Auditor General. You'll thank yourself for it when you receive your tax bills in years to come.

7. It's bad enough we're blowing $80,000.00 US on a Detroit Event while Windsor festivals struggle for sponsorship (like the Willistead Car Show, to name but one), now we're promoters and ticket sellers. Is this an appropriate use of tax dollars - using City facilities as ticket agencies? What's next - selling cats and dogs?

Festival Epicure almost didn't proceed after the City controlled Tunnel Corporation withdrew it's sponsorship. Were it not for the last minute intervention of the DRTP and Bridge Company, this popular festival would have died on the vine.

Buskers Fest disappeared this year thanks to City waffling, politics and indifference. The $80,000 spent on the Grand Prix should have been spent supporting Windsor festivals and events. At the very least, spend a few dollars upgrading the Convention and Visitors Bureau website - please!

8. Send your emails here to join the Eddie Francis Fan Club - don't delay, I hear seating is limited at the next meeting.

9. Silly me, I though stacking the deck was illegal in Canada.

10. Have your own event, cause, rant or scribble to promote? - post it in the comments.

Late Addition: Windsor's Crystal Gage will be appearing on CMT's Karaoke Star 2007 on September 26th 2007. She needs your vote to be crowned Karaoke Star 2007