Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The voices grow louder...

No longer just whispers to be ignored, the voices calling for open and public debate at Windsor City Council continue to grow.

The question now is, do we have six Councillors willing to exercise leadership on this issue or will they continue to hide behind the "all for one, one for all" herd mentality? I know one Councillor committed to opening this debate up to the public, do we have five more willing to take a stand?

The facade of a united border approach by this Council is only sustained by the City's absolute adherence to a shroud of secrecy, regardless of the cost. Meanwhile, the taxpayer carries on in blissful ignorance, reassured by the occasional paternal pat on the head by City Council. "Trust us, we know what's best" is the mantra. Scraps of information, fed to the local media like a bone to a hungry dog, must sustain the public until Council decides it's time to play the public opinion card.

If we allow the upcoming Provincial Election to pass without a declared border route, we will have squandered one of our last chances to assert direct influence on the decision in Windsor's favour. What do Ministers Duncan and Puppatello value more, their Cabinet portfolios or the opportunity to represent the citizens of Windsor? Failure to deliver a border route prior to the October 10th Provincial Election will give Windsor voters the answer they need and allow them to respond accordingly. Better to resign their Cabinet positions now then arrive at October 10th empty handed.

Lacking a declared border solution, I'd rather see Ontario's first Green Party MPP elected in Windsor-West than send Liberal MPP Sandra Puppatello back to the warm cocoon of cabinet solidarity, safely ensconced in another four year mandate (the same holds true for her colleague in Windsor-Tecumseh).

If Windsor awakes to two re-elected Provincial Cabinet Ministers on October 10th of this year with no border solution declared, the first lines of our Municipal eulogy will have already been written.