Saturday, July 14, 2007

The "Rat" of Ward 2 comes out fighting

Funny how not two weeks ago Ward 2 Councillor Caroline Postma was roasting Councillor Alan Halberstadt for having the temerity to use the word "ghetto" in relation to Council's Interim Control By-law preventing demolition of houses in the Sandwich area.

The "Rat" doesn't seem averse to the word now.

(original clip from A-Channel News)

How many houses in Sandwich area NOT owned by the Bridge are in a similar state of disrepair, frozen from any development? The answer might be surprising.

On the community partner issue the Councillor mentions - I would say that a partnership takes two sides and is extremely difficult when one side continually refuses to even maintain lines of communications. When the City owned and controlled Tunnel Corporation withdrew sponsorship at the last minute from Festival Epicure, who was it that stepped forward? How many Councillors publicly thanked the Bridge Company and DRTP?

For whatever reason, this Council seems to like walking away from situations and eventually resorting to the courts. The only winners with that strategy are the lawyers, with the taxpayers footing the bill.

BTW, at this point, everyone is only assuming that it's actually the Bridge Company who own these homes in question. A little due diligence might be called for before any more quotes are thrown around.

Speaking of quotes - my favourite
You should have the right to tear down a building if it's a danger to public safety."

Ward 2 Councillor Caroline Postma

For a Council who demands action from everyone else at the top of their lungs, why is it we can't get a hole in the ground downtown filled in? Hopefully this decade will see a resolution to that one. City time moves at a different rate than the rest of the world. Albert Einstein would be impressed.