Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Plan ahead - Movies Under the Stars

poster-main-large.jpgWindsor International Film Festival presents:

* Movies Under the Stars *

Friday, July 13th, 9 pm

Radiant City
Canada 2006;

Director: Gary Burns and Jim Brown; 86 minutes

Whether you call it sprawl or growth, the suburbs have been the dominant form of community planning in North America for fifty years. Radiant City peers into the windows and lives of those who call suburbia home.

The Moss family is one such household. The parents commute to the city for work, mapping their micromanaged lives on the kitchen whiteboard. More than just a critical dissertation on suburbia, Burns and Brown lend it a witty, satirical edge, crafting a documentary that’s informative, insightful, and hilarious.

Like the identical streetscapes of a housing division, Radiant City hides secrets behind its glossy exterior that, once revealed, change not only how we view the ’burbs, but also the movie we’ve just seen.

Art Gallery of Windsor 401 Riverside Drive West Phone 519-977-0013

Tickets: $10 per person (includes Gallery admission)

Advance tickets available in the AGW’s Gift Shop, 519-977-1400

All films will be presented in 35mm

Rain venue: Betty F. Wilkinson Room (in the AGW)

Barbeque and cash bar by Bamboo will be available in starting at 7:30 pm

View the movie trailer below: