Friday, July 13, 2007

Commenters needed

I think Windsor Star blogger Chris Vander Doelen is getting into the swing of this blog thing.

It certainly never hurts to wave a red flag to attract some attention. Judging from the Letters to the Editor and some posts I've seen at, I'm sure there's a "bull" or two out there willing to take a run.

Now's your chance to weigh in.

I've added the feeds for all the Windsor Star bloggers to the WE Speak aggregator. Stop in once a day to get the pulse of Essex County's blogging culture.

To help promote the regular bloggers at WE Speak I've begun displaying banners at the top of the main page. The banners rotate randomly each time the site's home page is loaded. I try to get one or two completed a day. If you're a blogger and would like your banner added, send me a pic - preferably no bigger than 468 x 100.