Friday, July 06, 2007

Border Bumpf

Border battle heating up
Schwartz's New York office is in the midst of finalizing his latest recommendations, which are expected to be unveiled at a council meeting in late July or early August.
Anyone else wonder why the latest recommendations are only being finalized now?

"It's unfortunate a city has to go to these levels," Francis said. "The challenge is to get bureaucrats to do it. They keep looking at this through the narrow lens to get trucks across the border quicker.

"All we are asking is for solutions to improve the quality of life for residents."

If Sam Schwartz was only recently in the City presenting the latest ideas to Council, and is still "finalizing" them, just what the hell have we been doing on this file for the last year? What "levels" is the City going to if we still don't have a finalized set of proposals to present to DRIC? (let alone the public). From what the article states, the City is in a mad dash rush to have their proposal ready to present to the public prior to DRIC series of open houses.

If the Mayor spent half as much time actually communicating instead of walking away maybe people, bureaucrats included, would be more inclined to listen.

I guess in one way the need for secrecy on the border file has been answered. The real reason for all the secrecy since the last election is that they were to afraid to announce that they had nothing to announce (other than mounting legal bills).

City Council knows best

PS. - has there been an Invasion of the Body Snatchers incident at the Windsor Star Editorial Board, or are they finally turning the corner back to asking what needs to be asked instead of cheerleading? Hopefully the reporting will follow the same track sometime soon.