Friday, June 29, 2007

Neighbourhood Revitalization - Windsor style

Windsor City Council would rather see this house stand empty for several more years...

Instead of this

Local developer Buschante Development Group wants to demolish the house at 591 Joseph and replace it with safe, modern student housing. They have already constructed units on Chippawa and Bloomfield:
These NEWLY CONSTRUCTED private units (NOW READY!), offer a total of 36 bedrooms with
ceramic throughout. Each 1000sqft., 3 bdrm unit offers a brand new kitchen, living/dining room, full bathroom and laundry (shared only between 2 other roomates). INLCUDED are Cable, high speed internet (EACH ROOM), phone lines are also available! Brand new fridge, stove and laundry facilities are included for use. For more info. and to reserve your room today, e-mail
Group rates offered. Able to sign immediatley, available to move into May1st/06 for 1yr lease. We have roomates looking for single occupants, contact information available.

This building has absolutely no historic or archaeological value. The developer has even offered to tailor the building to meet Olde Sandwich architecture.
Can we get direction on the matter that we will be able to continue positive growith in the area in the form of demolition of qualified homes (if necessary) with the new construction that perhaps mirrors Olde Sandwich architecture? This would be an exciting compromise.
Council was recently expressing frustration with the Federal government's lack of action on the former Biker clubhouse on Sandwich street. What do they want them to do? Demolish the house!

"We've been waiting forever to get that stupid house torn down," Postma said Thursday. "I have done some neighbourhood cleanups there. But how long do we have to suffer?"

"For me it's a public safety issue. You should have the right to tear down a building if it's a danger to public safety."

I agree with Councillor Postma. It's a shame she and her fellow Councillors can't seem to find a way to apply the same standard across the board. Only Councillors Halberstadt and Dilkens voted against denying the Buschante Group's application.