Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Moving forward

This is certainly welcome news. Questica Capitol Budget Development System.
Questica TeamBudget Capital

A forecasting and capital budgeting solution designed to save you time and dramatically improve your budgeting process.

TeamBudget Capital is a secure web-based solution structured on a proven capital budgeting model. Working in conjunction with the public sector, Capital TeamBudget was designed to be a fully featured product, solving the cumbersome processes of assembling, tracking, analyzing and reporting of capital budgets.
Hopefully a successful trial of this software will also lead to purchasing the TeamBudget Operating. Tighter controls and on-demand reporting will greatly assist decision makers in the budget process.

Maybe there'll even be a few bucks left over from this purchase to buy the Mayor some Newsletter software for his promised "21st century fireside chat email newsletter".

One can always hope.