Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bring your marshmallows

At the rate this seems to be going, I've got a funny feeling some local arts groups are going to be burning someone in effigy soon. No snowplows to offer for this event - it could get costly.
I hear the North American Frog Jumping Contest is coming to Ypsilanti soon. We better hurry up before we miss the boat.

After years of lawyers fees (ongoing) , consultants (long gone) , PR glitz and glam(gone with the consultants hopefully) we finally draw a line in the sand - choosing the most expensive option that neither level of government is likely to choose. The new council passed Councillor Marra's tunneling motion without even needing a strategic planning session (open or closed), consultants report, engineering studies or failing everything else, a report from our own administration. Amazing. It begs the question - What the hell have we been shoveling money out the door for all the preceding over the last several years?

Now everyone can safely point and say - "We did everything we could, it's (insert name of choice here) _________________ [Stephen Harper] [Dalton McGuinty] [Sandra Pupatello] [Dwight Duncan] [The Tooth Fairy] ' s fault!" If I were DRIC I would endorse the Schwartz Plan now. That would be an interesting scramble to watch.

On a final note, I was happy to see the Mayor being as magnanimous in his praise for Festival Epicure as he was in providing support and leadership in helping find a new lead sponsor.
Mayor Eddie Francis applauded a new sponsor stepping up to keep the festival afloat — despite the strange partnership of two competing border traffic proponents.

“It’s great Festival Epicure will continue,” he said. “We mentioned to organizers they had to approach things in a different way. They were able to reach out to other corporate sponsors and keep the festival going.

“It’s one less festival the city will have to support.”

Asked for reaction about the Ambassador Bridge-DRTP marriage to run the food festival, Francis said: “That’s for them to have to explain.”
I may have mispoke in the first paragraph. I think some business owners may soon be joining the arts groups.

Pass the hotdogs please.