Friday, February 23, 2007

Two out of three ain't bad

Modified Zero Based Budgeting

Year 1 - 2005 - Implemented
Year 2 - 2006 - Implemented
Year 3 - 2007 - Council re-elected, no longer required.

If Modified Zero Based Budgeting was as wildly successful as we were told during the first two years, why are we not completing the third year?

The new buzzwords are "cost drivers", "Community Strategic Plan Initiatives", "service enhancements" ...

Starting at zero used to make so much sense. Now we're on to New Windsor Math - 2 % Target PLUS 1 % Capital Levy PLUS any service enhancements from the Community Strategic Plan.

Same old, same old.
Windsor Budget Recipe

Take last years budget.

Add 7%, cover ears as taxpayers scream.

Lock councillors in room. Stir pot vigorously. Reduce service enhancements to suit.

Pop Councillors out of session when done, declaring "tough decisions were made and we held the line at 3.25%"

Note: serve before next quarterly Unemployment Rate announced to avoid spoiling