Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Props to Percy

This might just become catchy in Windsor:
Transparent as mud
When city councillors chose the above priority in their planning session Monday night, they didn’t get off to a good start.
Coun. Percy Hatfield tried. He informed the city’s chief administrative officer John Skorobohacz that he wouldn’t be participating in the meeting if it was closed to the public. He was assured it was an open session, so when Hatfield didn’t see a certain newspaper reporter there, he chastised her later about not showing up.

But Skorobohacz hadn’t bothered with the small issue of SENDING OUT A PRESS RELEASE so the media would know to go.

Not too transparent.
I caught part of the Windsor City Council meeting on Cogeco and heard Percy ask a question related to this. Unfortunately, I was on the phone at the time so didn't catch everything. I believe that the answer was that the Press Release was in the package in the reporter's box at City Hall.

We'll call this one a draw. Apparently the attempt was made, whether or not it was successful is another story.

Percy's action demonstrates that there are Councillors listening who are willing to go the extra mile, regardless of competing pressures. They should be applauded, encouraged and supported whenever they act in this manner. Slowly but surely the door is being wedged open and the window unstuck. Once complete, they will never be shuttered again.

Openness is a culture, the same as secrecy. Culture change for any organization is never easy but often necessary. It's heartening to see we've taken the first steps - baby steps mind you, but steps just the same.