Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Windsor Leads the Province!

Unfortunately, much like our Canada wide lead in unemployment, this statistic is nothing to celebrate - the worst air quality in the province. As with many other things the government doesn't want people to notice, the report was quietly released in late December, when peoples minds are otherwise occupied with the Christmas season.

I've isolated two of the charts on the report to demonstrate where Windsor stands. Although the report doesn't mention it, I would hazard a guess that Windsor would also rate as the worst in the country. The first chart shows that in a comparison of 39 cities worldwide for 2005, Windsor was tied for 7th worst with Athens, Greece.

icon 2005 Air Quality Report (.pdf) (2.45 MB)

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I'm certainly no expert on this issue, but this report highlights the seriousness of this issue for the people of Windsor.