Thursday, January 04, 2007

Watch for the fireworks next Monday

No, not City Council, although a sparkler or two there couldn't hurt.

Looks like the Detroit Auto Show is going to start with a bang from Windsor
Riverfront Trail Closed for Fireworks
On Monday, January 8 from 6 pm – 8 pm, sections of the Riverfront Trail will be closed for a pyrotechnic special event honouring the 100th Anniversary of the Auto Industry.

The Parks and Recreation Riverfront Trail from the Civic Terrace and Parking Lot 16 at CN Park will be closed.

K&H Distributing has been contracted by the Wall Street Journal in New York City to provide a pyrotechnic event for viewing from Detroit’s Cobo Hall. The guests of the Wall Street Journal will enjoy the view and music provided by Band Ayd Systems of Windsor from their event location in Detroit. The pyrotechnic display is planned for 7-7:30 pm on Monday, January 8 from Windsor’s riverfront park.

For more information, call:

Mike Taylor, Parks and Recreation
City of Windsor
519.253.2300 ext. 6716
519.791.8823 cell

Or Patricia Dolan Lewis
City of Windsor
519-253-2300 ext. 6877