Monday, January 29, 2007

OK, Now that's funny!

From a Windsor Star article on the Ward 2 Community meeting:
Coun. Joanne Gignac and Coun. Dave Brister attended all the meetings and they say there were a number of common priorities.

“Community policing was something they wanted to see more of,” said Gignac, who was surprised a community museum was not a “burning priority.”
I'm a history buff and love museums but, "burning priority"?

On the other hand, the Chimczuk fund is getting to a hefty size ($2.75 million if this source can be believed). It must be looking pretty attractive to a lot of groups. Wouldn't a new civic museum look just dandy in the new Sandwich Heritage area council is about to create?

On the other hand the Capitol Theatre must be gazing at that particular nest egg with a wishful glint in their eye.

Speaking of the Capitol - I wonder if the Son of Capitol (the old Salvation Army building at University and Victoria) will come up as part of Monday's Council decision? It's now obvious that the Capitol won't be needing the building anytime soon. The City should be looking at ways of recouping even a small portion of what we've lost over the years. (The City swapped a revenue generating parking lot for the building. So now not only do we not receive any taxes from the building, we lost the parking revenue - Brilliant!)

Never a dull moment in Windsor.