Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fearless predictions

For what it's worth, here's my Crystal Ball picks for Monday's election. (I reserve the right to change this post several times before the actual voting starts on Monday)

Question here is, does Wonham crack 5000?

Ward 1

1. Drew Dilkens
2. Dave Brister
3. Greg Baggio
I'll give the edge to Dilkens based on number of doors knocked on. Now he just has to get that vote out.

Ward 2
1. Ron Jones
2. Caroline Postma
3. Chris Schnurr
4. Gail Growe
Either Schnurr or Growe could take the second spot in this ward but I think the vote split works against both of them.

Ward 3
1. Alan Halberstadt
2. Fulvio Valentinis
3. Tony Blak
Tough call, but I think the incumbents edge will help pull things through for Valentinis. Who's got the better GOTV team?

Ward 4
1. Bill Marra
2. Ed Sleiman
3. Dave Cassivi
4. Ken Lewenza Jr.
Toughest race in the city to call. No matter the result, Sleiman has earned the reputation as the hardest working candidate in this ward's election.

Ward 5
1. Jo-Anne Gignac
2. Percy Hatfield
3. Steve Farrell
4. Stephane Beaudin
The number 3 and 4 spots were the hardest picks here.

Public School Board Trustee

Ward 1,2,3
1. Tom Kilpatrick
2. Shelley Harding-Smith
3. Kim McKinley
4. Lisa Gretzky
One open seat ensures at least one new face on the board in 1,2,3. I'm guessing at a bit of a voter backlash here.

Ward 4,5
1. Gail Simko-Hatfield
2. Steve Micallef
Vote split favours the incumbents