Friday, November 24, 2006

Editorial Decisions

Generally I don't consider myself a conspiracy theorist. For example, yes I believe that the Americans actually did land on the moon and no I don't believe that 911 was the Great American Conspiracy engineered by George Bush or Dick Cheney.

That being said, one thing piqued my interest recently, the Windsor Star's banner headline on Saturday - Privacy czar opens secret garage deal. The article goes into great detail about when and how the Freedom of Information request was filed and the process involved in attaining a favourable ruling for the Star. One thing struck me as being absent from the story - when did the Star receive the ruling?

A quick check of the Information and Privacy Commissioner's website revealed that the decision in question had not been posted, so I decided to wait.

Now we know that the decision was released on the 10th of November. You would think that the Star would rush such a blockbuster story to print in their next issue - Saturday the 11th of November. Even if that was too soon, Monday the 13th would seem to afford a reasonable amount of time.

That's right - the 13th.

Some things leave even a skeptic such as myself wondering.