Wednesday, November 08, 2006

City of Windsor Voter Ride Program

City of Windsor
Municipal Election 2006

Council Services, at City Hall has initiated a voter ride program with Transit Windsor in conjunction with the municipal election. If you are an eligible voter and find it difficult to get to the polls to vote, a free bus ride to the polling stations is being provided.

As an eligible voter for this election, you will receive an “Official Voter Notice” in the mail which outlines your qualifying address, dates and times of voting, and polling locations.

Here’s how the voter ride program works:

• Eligible voter receives “Official Voter Notice” in the mail.

• Voter gets on the appropriate bus to get to the polling location.

• Voter hands bus driver the Official Voter Notice.

• Bus driver punches the notice with a special Transit Windsor punch.

• Voter presents the punched form to the Deputy Returning Officer at the poll and receives a return bus ticket home.

* If you have been left off the voters’ list you may have been issued, by the City Clerk, a completed green Form EL15. Present this form to the bus driver who will in turn punch the form. This form substitutes for the Official Voter Notice and the same procedure is followed as above.

** If you have no “Official Voter Notice” and have not been issued an EL15 Form, you may come to the City Clerk’s Office and obtain a voter card. You will then follow the same procedure as those voters who were mailed a card.