Thursday, October 26, 2006

Citizens Environment Alliance Questionnaire

The following survey was sent to all candidates by the Citizens Environment Alliance, with a request that it be returned by the 20th of October.
This municipal election, more than any other in recent memory, will define our
community in numerous ways. Economics and financial prudence will, as
usual, be high on the list of qualities desirable in our candidates for council.
However, the lack of weight put on quality-of-life issues over the past few
decades has brought Windsor to the state of crisis it currently finds itself
embattled in. We find many issues rising to the top of residents lists that
have gone unaddressed in the past and built up to the point of concern they
now occupy. This questionnaire seeks to understand your stance on many of
these issues and how you would address them in council chambers if you
were to become a member of the next City Council.

Please answer the following eight questions honestly and in depth. Your
answers will be posted on the internet and published in local publications to
help provide Windsor residents the oppourtunity to educate themselves in
time for the November 13th election. Please send your responses by Friday,
October 20th
I have included a list of all candidates below, detailing who did not respond.

icon WEB responses.pdf (354.71 KB)


Mohamed Chams - did not respond
Eddie Francis - did not respond
David Wonham

Ward 1

Gregory R. Baggio - did not respond
David Brister - did not respond
Drew Dilkins
Ed Kobrosly - did not respond
Henry Lau
Tom Lynd - did not respond
Mohammad Qayyam Khan
Alphonso Teshuba

Ward 2

Gail Growe
Ron Jones
Tom Livingston
Dan Petoran - did not respond
Caroline Postma - did not respond
Chris Richie
Chris Schnurr

Ward 3

Anthony "Tony" Blak
Alan Halberstadt
Fulvio Valentinis - did not respond

Ward 4

Dave Cassivi
Ken Lewenza, Jr. - did not respond
Bill Marra
John Middleton
Ed Sleiman - did not respond

Ward 5

Frank Batal - did not respond
Stephane Beaudin
Steve Farrell - did not respond
Jo-Anne Gignac - did not respond
Percy Hatfield
Bill Kachmaryk
Irene Taylor
William (B.J.) Taylor